my name’s Michele Tamburro, and I’m a front end developer.

In 2014 I started my first ILAS course, my aim was to become a graphic designer.

I decided to sign up for web design responsive course too, from there I fell in love with this world that has become my job.

WordPress and Prestashop are my daily bread, I’ve got a printed copy of Codex on my bedside table and a picture of Vekia under my monitor (one of two is true).

“Theme forest” phase has passed years ago, today my work consists into develop HTML markup and adaptes it in CMS, realizing themes and plugins ad hoc.

I’m seriously addicted to coffee, bitter chocolate, and Netflix

In 2017 I had a bicycle trip in Germany with three friends of mine.

The first movie I watched at the cinema is Disney’s Tarzan.

Do you want to contact me?

You can mail me, or phone me.